How to Brand as a Technology Entrepreneur

How to Brand as a Tech Entrepreneur

For any business, branding is important. This is even truer as a tech entrepreneur as there is a certain expectation about your business. People think of technology businesses as being at the forefront of creativity.

A technology company not having a great website, for example, is not a great look. It is quite harsh in many ways as just because you’re an expert in one form of technology, it doesn’t make you an creative expert in another.

Whether it’s fair or not, you’re expected to look slick and modern. Here we take a look at how to brand as a tech entrepreneur.


The first step in a great brand is a great name. It’s easy to overthink a business name but there are a few steps you need to take. You need to make sure there is minimal competition, it looks great in all cases/fonts and that it accurately reflects what you do. Before choosing a business name, it’s a good idea to check with family and friends as you may not notice any flaws with it.


After your name, the logo is going to be a crucial step. This will be the part that people remember about your business. This familiarity will lead to more trust from your customers and also loyalty.

Logo’s don’t have to be complicated nor is it expensive to get one. There are some free services such as where you don’t need any experience to create something memorable.


Another way to create a memorable brand as a technology entrepreneur is simply by having a strong identity. By this we mean having a slogan, font, color scheme and style that is consistent throughout your company.

This is perhaps the most undervalued aspect of creating a brand. Starbucks with its green, McDonald’s with red/yellow and Coca Cola with its red/white are examples of companies which are unmistakable whenever you see promotional material from them.

The key is to be consistent. Whether someone is looking at your website, business card or e-mail, it should all have a similar look.


As a business you’re going to need plenty of marketing materials and other forms of media. If they don’t look very good then it can negatively affect your brand and give people a bad impression of your business.

It can be daunting for many as they feel as though they should spend thousands on graphic design and printing. Thankfully, you can do it all yourself. There are plenty of websites out there such as Pixelied which give you templates that you can follow.

As we mentioned before, with everything that you make, you want the logo, font and color scheme to be the same. This will help with familiarity. High-quality marketing materials will show people you’re a company they can trust.

Be Professional

Another significant part of branding yourself as an entrepreneur is to simply be professional in everything you do. People should expect a certain level of quality and customer service from your work.

This professionalism will be a part of everything you do from your website and business card to the way you greet people and answer the phone. When you take all of these aspects seriously, you’ll start to get a positive reputation from customers and associates.

Put a Plan into Place

Before you take your next step, you should put branding at the front of your mind. It’s easy to get excited by selling or marketing but without a great brand, you’re not getting the most out of your time. As a technology company, people will expect your business to look slick and creative, anything less and you’ll struggle to thrive.

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